Oliver’s Passing

Oliver and Kassie 2016

Oliver and Kassie on March 06, 2016

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, we were extremely saddened by the sudden passing of Oliver from old age.

Oliver had been part of our family since he was a puppy and he is missed by all of us, including Kassie our Havanese.


Jazzy’s Passing



On Sunday, February 21, 2016, we were extremely saddened by the sudden passing of Jazzy from old age.

Jazzy has been part of our family since she was a small puppy and she is missed by all of us, including Oliver our other Gordon Setter.

Winter Time Is Here at CRGordons.com


Oliver playing in the snow

Winter time is here at CRGordons.com as you can see in the photo above of Oliver jumping and playing in the snow.

Jazzy and Oliver, our Gordon Setters, are enjoying themselves with the cold weather. They enjoy our walks on the farm in the snow but are also glad to return to the warmth of our home.

All of us here at CRGordons.com wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Spring Time Is Here at CRGordons.com

Jazzy and Oliver

Jazzy and Oliver enjoying spring time

Spring time has finally arrived here at CRGordons.com but winter was slow in leaving. We had snow as late as early May and numerous freezes and frosts after the snows had left.

Jazzy and Oliver are enjoying the spring time weather, as are all the wildlife. Jazzy and Oliver have both received their spring time hair cuts; later they will receive summer time hair cuts which will be a shorter length coat so they can tolerate the heat of summer.

Welcome to CRGordons.com

Welcome to CR Gordons

Why did we decide to get our first Gordon Setter?

While searching through old family photos we came across a picture of Cheryl’s Dad with his arm around his faithful companion – a Gordon Setter. From there we started out to learn more about the breed by visiting the AKC web site and Gordon Setter Breeder’s pages. We liked what we were learning and decided to buy our first Gordon – McRoth Jazzy Wee Lass (Jazzy). And shortly thereafter, we decided to buy our second Gordon – Tandera’s Hi Ride’n Lass (Heidi).

Heidi’s Passing

On July 20, 2009, we were extremely saddened by Heidi’s sudden and unexpected death from cancer. But, about 5 months later, we obtained Amberlove Good Morning Starshine, call sign “Oliver” from Amberlove Gordon Setters of Socorro, New Mexico.

How did we find Jazzy & Heidi?

By contacting Gordon Setter Breeders within a reasonable driving distance from us and asking lots of questions. A list of Breeders for any breed can be found at the AKC web site.

How did we find Oliver?

Cheryl began contacting breeders and friends she knew from the GSCA about finding a new Gordon Setter puppy. Susan D. of the GSCA recommended that Cheryl contact Rosanne S. of Amberlove Gordon Setters, located in Socorro, New Mexico. As a result, Cheryl made arrangements to purchase a puppy from an upcoming litter at Amberlove Gordon Setters.

However, as Cheryl and Rosanne became better aquainted through phone calls and emails, Rosanne suggested that Cheryl should consider “Oliver” who was her pick of a previous litter and one of her planned stud dogs. Cheryl and Ray discussed the possibility of obtaining Oliver from Amberlove Gordon Setters. The more we discussed Oliver, and after observing his photos, we decided Oliver was the new Gordon Setter for us.

How did we decide on their names?

  •     McRoth Jazzy Wee Lass – We decided on Jazzy’s name before we even found a puppy. We thought the Gordon Setter a beautiful dog – a really jazzy Dog. Since the Gordon Setter is of Scottish Origin, the Wee Lass adds a wee bit of Scotland to the name. McRoth is the kennel name where Jazzy was bred.
  •     Tandera’s Hi Ride’n Lass – This time we found the puppy then chose a name. We liked the bloodlines that were offered from the Tandera Kennels and decided to get our next pup there. The sire’s name is Tandera’s Ticket to Ride so it was requested that all the puppy akc registered names have the word Ride in them, which made coming up with choices for this puppy’s name great fun. We included the Lass in her name to tie her in with our 1st dog, McRoth Jazzy Wee Lass.
  •     Amberlove Good Morning Starshine – When we obtained Oliver from Amberlove Gordon Setters, he was 9 months old and had already been named Amberlove Good Morning Starshine, call sign “Oliver”. And the name Oliver fits him and his personality perfectly. Oliver has provided us with new adventures and experiences each day that he has been with us! In fact, Cheryl is planning on writing about our life with Oliver; it should prove to be very entertaining reading!